Homeowner Application

Property Location

You can state your street name and number of bedrooms and bathrooms here or come up with a creative name for your home.
Please describe your place of residence, neighborhood, or anything special about your place (e.g. lots of steps, no yard, includes hot tub, wheelchair accessible, near bus line, grocery store close by).

Property Location

Optional. Include garage parking spaces

Rental Pricing & Availability

Property amount listed here is not guaranteed. Tahoe Home Connection works with each property owner in conjunction with a property manager who can advise on appropriate rental rates.


Homeowner Information

Address of the homeowner, not the property for rent (except if renting a room)


This contact will receive the rental inquiries and be expected to follow up with potential renters.

Tahoe Home Connection partners with local property managers to provide discounted property management services. We will work to connect you with a property manager and will contact you with more information.