Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Tahoe Home Connection program for?

If your home in the South Shore, or part of it, is unoccupied for several months of the year, then this program is for you! Examples of types of property owners who could benefit from the TaHoCo program:

Who developed the Tahoe Home Connection program?

Several government, citizen, and business groups came together to develop solutions to support South Shore’s current housing shortage including: the Tahoe Prosperity Center, Progress for Tahoe, the Realtors’ Association, St Joseph’s Land Trust, local employers, and the City of South Lake Tahoe. This organization is one of several initiatives underway to support an increase in available housing supply for our workforce.

Who manages the program?

The program is a matching program managed by our volunteer staff. We link up businesses with employees to interested property owners looking to rent their homes and interested property owners to property managers looking for property management services. Homeowners have three property management companies to choose from and also have the option to self-manage.

How does the process work?

For homeowners interested in property management services, one of our property managers will start with a quick property walkthrough and provide you with further information about how your property would suit particular tenants currently looking for homes and recommended rates. A property management agreement is then established between the owner and the property manager.

Owners have the opportunity to choose the appropriate service for their needs – either a full property management service (regular and ongoing management for an ongoing fee) or a tenant placement service (for a one-off fee). Or, you may opt to just work directly with a business or tenant.

Homeowners can also add their property to our online database and receive direct inquiries from potential tenants through our website.

Is there any minimum rental period required?

There is no minimum period. A short-term lease of 2-3 months is possible, or up to 12 months or longer. Some property owners may choose to rent their property for just one season, or some may prefer to rent it longer term for a whole year. Obviously the longer the lease duration the more stable the housing is for our workforce, and the greater the benefit to our resort economy.

I don’t have a home to offer for long-term or seasonal rental at this time. Are there other ways to help?

If your circumstances are not conducive to renting out your home seasonally or long-term at this time, there are other ways to support unlocking housing in South Shore. A donation to Tahoe Home Connection supports our basic operations, helps us get the word out to more homeowners, and provides incentives such as free health and safety home checks and low-cost energy upgrades. Also, you may want to consider making your home available for an up to two-week stay for a second homeowner who has made their home available to a long-term renter.

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